Quality Policy

The structure of Denys Research Consultants is developed to provide successfully in clinical trial services with a maximum capacity of reliability, quality and cost effectiveness.

Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success through the understanding of their needs.

To make the organization strive for the vision of DRC and to reach the objectives, there is a need for a continuous development and improvement of people, standard operating procedures and ICT systems.


  • People are the most important capital of DRC. The expertise and competitiveness of DRC is depending on responsible, competent and motivated people with a good understanding of the company environment and the needs of our customers.
  • Standard operating procedures provide detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function or service. Through constant monitoring by means of internal audits DRC will achieve reliable, qualitative and cost-effective procedures and guarantee continuous improvement within the company.
  • ICT Systems: To improve the efficiency on how a clinical trial is handled and to improve the relationship with our customers, DRC needs to have good and reliable ICT-systems at their disposal. Information that is correct, on time and reliable raises the value that DRC provides to its customers as well as supports the decision-making and enlarges improvements in terms of efficiency.


  • Provide continuous training for its personnel to ensure knowledge and expertise within DRC is of the highest standard.
  • Lead a quality oriented company, based on strong uniformed values, good defined processes, supported by placing the right competences on the right place.
  • Have standard, transparent, outlined and simply accessible systems and processes as basis for development of adapted and cost effective solutions for their customers.
  • Develop a company focused on quality, searching for sustainable improvements and maintain those improvements.
  • Enlarge customer satisfaction by pro-active handling.
  • Enlarge the quality of service by a structural approach of customer management that improves the relations between DRC and its customers.


DRC develops strategies and business plans based on the vision that DRC has for the next 5 yearsand the place of DRC in the future. Change is driven by analyses and follow-ups from the requirements of the customers and the basic processes.

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